Here’s How Dior’s J’adore Hair Oil Tamed My Curly, Frizzy Mane

Inching a little too close for comfort, my boyfriend sniffed my hair, then my face, before taking a moment to contemplate. Then he quizzed, “Why do you smell like a baby? This is not your scent, what did you use?”  

Christian Dior’s J’adore Huile Divine dry silky body and hair oil (S$102) was the answer to his question. For the past two weeks — yes, it took him long enough to recognise the distinct, new scent and I wouldn’t pin it on a straight man to distinguish scent notes either — the body and hair oil became an integral part of my morning ritual. 

At first sight, the J’adore Huile Divine is housed within a bottle that bears an uncanny resemblance to the maison’s perfume of the same name, J’adore. Beyond a deceivingly similar facade, the spray nozzle and even the colour of the product itself were a replica of the fragrance. The only perceivable difference? The size of the bottle.

Dior's new J'adore Huile Divine (oil mist for the body and hair, S$102) towers over the new J'adore roll-on perfume (S$84). Photograph by Gregory Woo
Dior’s new J’adore Huile Divine (oil mist for the body and hair, S$102) towers over the new J’adore roll-on perfume (S$84). Photograph by Gregory Woo

The similar appearance throws you off a little at first. Questions raced through my head: “What am I looking at? A super-sized rendition of the J’adore perfume? Is this a hair oil? Or is this the perfume?” But in the first few spritzes, the intent of the product, quite literally, shines through. What hits your senses first, is the familiar floral notes of ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine that are iconic of the maison’s iconic J’adore fragrance. When applied directly to the hair, and spread throughout, it melts through layers of tresses, coating each and every strand with the luxurious oil.

Before I go on to speak of its laurels, let me set the context: I have fine, frizzy, curly hair that is a piece of work. On the list of things that I would not be able to live without, hair oil tops that list — and I’m not even exaggerating. At the end of every bottle of hair oil begins the quest for yet another that would work its magic at taming the unruly strands of baby hair and all that extra, extra (unwanted) frizz and volume. Yet, I hadn’t found a product worthy of long-term commitment. Well, not until now at least.

Unlike the weighty consistency expected of hair oils, the J’adore Huile Divine’s viscosity is similar to that of water — just slightly thicker — allowing for even application. In the instance where too much product is slathered onto one area of the hair (it happens!), it can be smoothened out quite easily with none of the gunky greasiness that results from taking a far too liberal hand to hair oil.

It, however, took me some practice to achieve an even application. Here’s a pro-tip: apply quick spritzes throughout various sections of your tresses before giving it a good swoosh all over. This way, you really do feel the product evenly spread throughout. For novice users of the J’adore Huile Divine, I would suggest spraying the oil into your hands first — you want to have a feel of the oil on your palms first before taking it to the hair. Pumping the product onto the hand before transferring it to the hair is pretty foolproof and it helps if there is a specific part of your mane you’re looking to tame.

The Dior laboratories had to refine the oil's molecules so they were fine enough to pass through a spray nozzle — hence the lightweight texture of the J'adore Huile Divine. Image courtesy of Dior
The Dior laboratories had to refine the oil’s molecules so they were fine enough to pass through a spray nozzle — hence the lightweight texture of the J’adore Huile Divine. Image courtesy of Dior

And I’m only now getting to the best part about J’adore Huile Divine. Although an oil by name, its lightweight formula feels more like a serum that coats the hair with a healthy shine, leaving it soft to the touch. Working just as well on wet as on dry hair, it’s a versatile oil to reach for whenever your tresses could use a perk-me-up.

If the above does not already have you adding the J’adore Huile Divine to your beauty cabinet, then perhaps this might convince: Its unmistakable scent conceals even the none too pleasant whiff of unwashed, post-gym hair. (Let’s be honest ladies, we’ve all had those days.) But on that note, I would caution the scent-sensitive noses among you — if you do not like the notes of J’adore perfume, this is 100 per cent not for you.

The multi-purpose oil, when used on the body leaves a glistening sheen on the skin reminiscent of that post-holiday glow brought back from a tropical getaway. Just as it does to the hair, the J’adore Huile Divine left my (parched dry) skin feeling soft and supple. All dramatisation aside, I even caught myself running my hands through my arms and belly, part amused by its almost-immediate effect and part revelling in my newfound, baby soft skin.

The verdict? I say “oui!” to Dior’s J’adore Huile Divine.