Enid Advice: “How Do I Tell My Friend She Has Become A Sugar Mummy?”

“Our group of friends has reason to believe he is not interested in her in a romantic sense, and is simply using her for her money.”

Dear Miss Enid,

I have a friend who recently decided to marry a man she met while on holiday.    

He is eight years younger than her and she is currently providing for him financially. So far, she has been unreceptive to the criticisms and concerns of our group of friends who have reason to believe he is not interested in her in a romantic sense, and is simply using her for her money. How do we broach this delicate subject without coming off as judge-y or sanctimonious? –Cautiously Concerned

Miss Concerned, my cupcake. 

My instincts tell me you’re coming from a place of concern. If she’s as sensible as she is strong-willed, she will at least take what her leading ladies have to say into consideration. I mean, in this road we call life, we are the all warning, all impact-absorbing high-tech car bumper sensors to our friends so don’t worry about pontificating. Because well, if not us, who.

Honestly, something tells me your friend is well aware of what she’s getting herself into or at least has an inkling of it. That said, there hasn’t been a better time in the last decade for a woman to be fiercely determined, have a true sense of self and to write her own rule book even when it comes to matters of the heart.

Your concerns here are valid so sit her down one last time and explain where you’re coming from. That there isn’t any animosity for Mister with the dollar signs and that you only have her best interest at heart. If ample advice has been given and in this case, the warning has been sounded, there comes a time where you have to sit back and let her experience run in its course and be there to cushion the blow later. 

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