Fendi Just Produced A Music Video For Norwegian Singer, Astrid S

If there were a Katy Perry equivalent in the Norwegian music landscape, it’s a 22-year-old girl with wispy blonde hair by the name of Astrid Smeplass (or Astrid S in short).

In the six years since her debut (at an Norwegian iteration of the American idol singing contest), Astrid has racked up awards for her songs — most notably her 2014 single titled “2AM”, her 2015 hit, “Running Out”, and another in 2016 called “Hurts So Good.”

And yes, be it 2AM or Hurts So Good, there’s a common thread running through her songs — heartbreak. “[The] world slows down, I’ve lost my ground. So, where you at, where you at?“, she sang in 2 AM. Likewise, in Running Out, she belted, “Our love is running, running, running out.

So, when Astrid released a new single this February, titled “Someone New“, the song’s narrative was very much similar. Only this time round, the protagonist has parted ways with her partner for good. While her partner has moved on, she hasn’t: “Does she dress in cool clothes? Did you meet in Paris? Bet she’s beautiful and perfect, everything I’m not.

On her intention behind “Someone New”, Astrid responds in an interview, saying, “I think a lot of people have found themselves stalking an ex, trying to figure out if they are seeing someone, or what they’re up to.”

But why are her songs all about heartbreaks? Astrid explains that it’s the sense of attachment and empathy which she’s after. “The best experience is when I’ve gone through something and then someone from the studio can relate, because he/she has gone through the same things,” she explains. “That’s something that I feel makes me grow each time. It gives me energy, it’s a kind of positive therapy.”

The music video which accompanied the release has since racked up 1.5 million views on Youtube (as of date of publish). And today, the Italian fashion house of Fendi released yet another music video of “Someone New” for Astrid.

In the music video, Astrid is dressed head to toe in Fendi, and has Fendi’s new belt bag (S$2,150) on her — a bag which she carries around in her own time too.

To Astrid, the belt bag has helped her trim down her list of daily necessities. “When you have a big purse, you put stuff in there just to use the space,” she explains. “So, I just had my phone, a lip gloss, and then my visa card. That’s everything I really need.”

Her every day belt bag aside, there are two more things that Astrid carries around religiously — jewellery. “One that I got from my boyfriend and then one I got from my mom, that I had for years. I usually wear it for everything, I believe it brings good luck,” she continues.

Moving on, Astrid revealed that she’s currently working on some new tunes — which should be released anytime now. And as you’re reading this, she’s in the US, touring with her fellow 21-year-old Swedish singer, Zara Larsson, “which I’m super excited about!”