Summer Makeup Tips from Fenty Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist

It’s that time of year when the (proverbial) mercury is rising and you might be feeling in a holiday mood even if you’re just at your desk. So what does that mean besides looking up potential vacation destinations online? Well, changing your makeup for one. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or you just need a new look that matches your tan when you’re in Bali, it’s always fun to experiment with new makeup and techniques.

When it comes to trying bronzer for the first time — a product that is not traditionally used by many Singaporean women — it can be difficult getting a shade that doesn’t look too orange, or one that is not too sparkly. Application is another issue, as being too heavy-handed tends to result in a very unnatural fake bake — reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan in the 2000s. We spoke to Hector Espinal, the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna to find out all about the new Sun Stalk’r Bronzers (S$46) and how we can all incorporate a little glow in our lives.

Skin Is In

No not the skin you’re baring in your latest two-piece but the skin on your face. Espinal says that glowy, beautiful skin is back with an emphasis on lighter coverage foundations and a softer approach. “We went through a stage where everybody was applying too much foundation and now people are beginning to embrace their beautiful, natural skin… you see freckles and all that,” he says. Espinal personally loves the brand’s Pro Filt’r Foundation (S$52) and accompanying Concealers (S$38) that come in 50 shades each.

Models using the new Sunstalk’r Bronzer

Pick Your Bronzer According To Your Skin Tone

One of the worst mistakes that women make is going too dark with their bronzers, or choosing a shade that’s too warm. The Sun Stalk’rs work as they are shade matched to the brand’s foundations. “We did the pre-work for you. We created eight bronzers that are divided into four families: Light, Medium, Tan and Deep. Each family has two bronzers — something more neutral and something warmer. That’s just a starting point, but if you want to go darker you can,” says Espinal. You can also use the bronzer as an eyeshadow. “One of the things Rihanna does and that we do a lot — is using bronzer as an eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful way to transition into reshaping the eyes with something matte. I always use bronzers on the eyes, and then I’ll add a shimmer, and then apply Flyliner (S$30) to define it and some mascara and call it a day,” he says.

Fenty Beauty Sunstalk’r Bronzers, S$46 each are available in eight shades.

Opt For A Shine-Free Finish If You’re An Amateur

Espinal said the Fenty Beauty Sunstalk’r bronzers were made in a matte finish, so that they could be used first as a base, and then give clients the option to apply shine where needed. “When you think of a shimmer bronzer, when the everyday woman puts it all over, naturally throughout the day with the humidity it gets oily and becomes one greasy moment,” he says. If you’re afraid of applying too much of this bronzer, don’t be as this particular formula is sheer and forgiving. “It’s not going to give you that heaviness with one stroke,” assures Espinal.

Clueless As To Where To Apply Bronzer? Try The High Points Of The Face

“The application for bronzer is really on the high points — the apples of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the forehead and the chin. The Cheek-Hugging Bronzer Brush (S$54) is meant to hug the face and because its end is broad, it will give you a blended effect. For precise application, and to define the nose you can use the Sculpting Bronzer Brush (S$50),” he says. And always remember to start off light and only build it up if necessary. “It should look like a natural, sun-kissed flush, on the high points of the face,” says Espinal. You can finish off your look by using the brand’s Killawatt and Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighters (S$54), which have a beautiful sparkle, as accents on the face, or as eyeshadows.

A model applies the new Sunstalk’r Bronzer with the Scupting Bronzer Brush 195, S$50.

Go To Town On Your Body As Well

The shine and glow should not be limited to your face. The brand has expanded its best-selling Body Lava (S$82), a gel-based body luminizer with two new shades: Trophy Wife (a lustrous metallic gold) and Brown Sugar (a glistening bronze). For the best result, start with moisturiser. “The way to apply it is to always still hydrate the body first and then apply it on top for that sheen. We designed a kabuki brush (S$50) so it’s easier to apply it all over the body and décolleté. I would avoid the face because it’s so hydrating — so depending on your skin type — it might be too much shine,” says Espinal.